Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Weather Comes to the Northwest

Hope everyone's Christmas and New Year's went well! Mine consisted of traveling, family, friends, sleeping on anything but a bed, and of course.....lasagna!

This is what 28 lbs of lasagna looks like!!

Gib even played Santa Clause for the battalion Christmas party.
"I saw Laura kissing Santa Clause..."
Now we are back to the grind in WA. Gib is currently in the process of job hunting because as of midnight tonight we are all done with the Army.

The northwest is being hit "hard" with a snow storm. Now by being hit hard....I'm talking less than a foot of snow. In NYer terms, that means its a task to drive to work but the snow plows got it covered and we all go about our business. In WAite terms, that means the entire state shuts down because the snow plows only plow the highways and some cities refuse to use salt or sand. Hopefully the sidewalks are cleaned off enough on Friday that me and my running partner can run. Despite the roads, Gib had an interview this morning that we made our way to and from safely.  It is just an on call security position but we are hoping for the best. 

While the weather isn't wreaking havoc on my driving abilities it is having a significant impact on my laundry isn't getting done. I am fast running out of clothes for work and play. But I can't bring myself to walk down 3 flights of stairs and across the complex in 7 in of snow to do I will keep bringing out all the old clothes for clinic. 
Old clothes make me make faces like this!

Hope everyone is enjoying all the winter weather and fun that it brings :)

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