Sunday, October 9, 2011

Running Woes

As some of you may know, I have been sick on and off, more and more frequently as time goes on, for at least the past year. I finally went to an ENT that I heard good things about because we refer to him a lot at work. He diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis. I have had 2 rounds of antibiotics and am on a steroid and decongestant nasal sprays. He recommended surgery as an option, which I will probably do, because without it, I will likely get sick more frequently. To be honest though, that is not my main concern. The thing that bothers me most is my energy level. I am just tired all the time. The meds keep me from running a fever and being in much pain, but I just want to be awake again.

With all that being said....I am having some really bad running woes since we have hit October. Last year this time, I ran in multiple races, and (I believe) October was my busiest running month.
(Pumpkin 5k Run 2010)
This bothers me because, when I moved up here I wanted to run a 5k in July, a 10k in Sept, and the Seattle half-marathon at the end of November. I havent run since this summer and I couldnt make it 3 miles running at that time when I tried. I am pretty sure if my running skirts and running shoes could talk they would be very depressed for not treating them to the wonderful running weather up here.

It would be easy to blame my not running on my health alone, but that is not it. With my real working world schedule and Gib's over the top Army schedule time is always a factor but I am pretty sure I would find the time, if I could find the energy. I am so far from my goal and still have not found a real solution to it all.

The main thing I know is that I miss running and miss being in races. I miss the camaraderie of having tons of people around you that go out and run for no reason other than cause it is fun. I miss being able to set a goal and seeing it come to life.

When I started Couch-2-5k in February 2010, I was instantly in love with the training plan and seeing my abilities grow over a relatively short period of time. Then in December 2010 I ran my first 10k....that is 6.2 may not seem like a lot, but if you drive it you will see its not as short as it seems.

All of these are just meaningless ramblings without and end goal (and lets face it, I am never without my goals). As soon as I get my health under control, it will be time to reinstate the C25k program and set up a 5k race goal. For now though, I will settle for a goal to get a surgery date set up and start feeling like the Energizer bunny gave me a zap or 2.