Sunday, May 22, 2011

Timeline Update!!

March 2007-May 5 2007—2 months—Together at NAU
March 2008—4 days—Flagstaff, AZ
June 4 2008—1 week—AZ and Vegas
July 2008—1 week—NY (3 days before basic)
Sept 2008—8 hrs—Ft. Knox, KY (Basic Graduation)
Nov 2008—17 days—Tucson, AZ—(HRAP)
Feb 13th-15th 2009—3 days—Tucson, AZ
March 2009—4 days—Ft. Lewis, WA
June 2009—2 weeks—NY and AZ (married)
July 15th-22nd 2009—1 week—Ft. Lewis, WA (deployed on the 22nd)
April 16th-May 2nd 2010—17 days—Tucson, AZ (RnR)
July 1st-Aug 10th 2010—1 month and 10 days—Ft. Lewis, WA/Tucson, AZ (Home from the deployment)
Jan 2nd-10th 2011—8 days—Ft Lewis, WA (Christmas/New Years)
April 16th-18th 2011—3 days—Ft Lewis, WA

May 19th—Mountlake Terrace, WA—LIVING TOGETHER!!!!

If you add all the days together, in the past 4 yrs and 2 months we have been together for 6 months, 1 week, 3 days, and 8 hrs...give or take a few days.

For the mathmatically minded that is: 12.5% of the 4 yrs we were together OR roughly 190 days out of a total of 1520 days.

Looking forward to hitting our 1 yr mark this year!!!