Saturday, November 5, 2011



Now most of you know how sad seeing "Nov. 1st" on my calendar is because that means that the all time best ever holiday is over.

Oh Halloween--How I love You!

We had a wonderful Halloween. Our apartment was decked out more than it ever had been, I had trick-or-treaters at work and at the apartment, including the cutest little dinosaur who chased Kieran through my apartment (dont worry it was a friend's kid who was invited in and not some little monster who invaded our apartment).

ANDDDDD the best part??!! We got to finally spend our first Halloween together after 4 yrs!!!!!

So that brings us to November!! And as good as October was....November definitely will be better!

I am happy to announce, that after battling it out with the battalion and working through all the VA appointments, my husbands last day at work is November 17th. He has 60 days of terminal leave and then mid January--my husband will officially move from active duty to Veteran!! We are so excited!

And for everyone wondering "Well what is he going to do now?" He will be looking for a job in the area and then come graduation, we are moving back to the east coast!!! Not sure where yet, but we are leaving the west coast for the foreseeable future!

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