Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gib is home!!!

After getting delayed leaving Iraq and into Kuwait, he had to spend 24 hrs in Kuwait to wait for the next flight out. Once out of Kuwait he landed in Germany and then into Dallas and finally back in to Tucson where he belongs!!!! It is so nice having him home....although Kieran wasn't so sure at first hehe. As a surprise to Gib, I invited his godfather Jimmy and his family to the airport to welcome him home and even got a hold of a wonderful photographer through Operation Love Reunited and she came and took pics for the homecoming (pics to follow). After getting his bags we headed home.

After being home all day Gib looked and me and said lets go to Phoenix...tonight. So late Friday night we hopped in the car and Gib drove up to Marge's house. While there we hung out, went to see "How to Train Your Dragon"--which is super cute and funny, visited friends who are more like family, and went to the Arizona Science Center!!! (again pics to follow) It was a great time.

We returned yesterday to the apartment and did some errands today and mostly lounged around. I bought Gib a new X-Box for his birthday so he is currently playing as I type lol. For me it is time to face reality again. Classes, papers, presentations, and exams do not take a break despite my avid protests against all things school during RnR, which means I will be starting back up here tomorrow with all that fun stuff while Gib hangs out with his best buddy and plays video games.

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