Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let the fun times roll

At the end of July, Gib and I came back to Tucson for about 2 weeks. We visited with family and went Salt River Tubing (see picture below), where I sustained 2nd degree burns. And before you ask, yes I was wearing sunscreen, apparently not enough. A few short days later, Gib and his buddy drove from Phoenix to Ft. Lewis in the beginning of August.

Since then we have gotten back into the grind of our everyday (separate) lives. He has been doing a whole lot of nothing at work--mostly bust work like unloading Conexes. He has been busy working with the education department on base to get classes going again. He is shooting for his BA in Business Administration. I don't want to jump the gun, but this has the potential to open some very big doors for him, so we are both very excited about this.

For me, we just started our 3rd week of classes and my financial aid SILL is not in!! Not a happy camper. I have gone through all the "nice" steps, now I think it is time to play the camp-outside-of-the-office game with my financial aid advisor. I took my first pop quiz in adult communication disorders and I aced it--of course they are meant mainly as an attendance indicator so they are super easy, but it's a good way to start off the semester. My thesis is in full swing...thank goodness. I am hoping to collect all my data this semester so I can focus on all my testing in the spring. If all goes according to plan, me and Gib will be living together May 2011!!!

We are expecting a deployment in 2011 at some point later in the year but by moving up there in May we should get to spend some months together before he deploys again. I am going up to WA in November for Thanksgiving and I am making dinner for us plus some friends of his--should be interesting considering I am not known to be stellar in a kitchen, but it should still be fun :)

Well that is our latest update, I will try to keep everyone posted as the semester goes on.

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